Be Me

All I can do in is be me…. But damn if that isn’t the hardest shit to do.


To start… I have influenza A. I’m in bed with a fever, body aches, sore throat, cough, and nasal congestion..watching the Bachelor, and talking to my friend on the phone.

Now for a little PSA: I got my flu shot in September when my clinic started offering them. And yes, I still ended up with the flu. But I am very glad I got the flu shot. My doctor firmly believes, based on science and years of experience, that taking the flu shot will at the very least lessen the severity of symptoms if you to get the flu. Influenza is so bad where I live right now that the public schools have shut down.

Another small PSA: if you feel bad, and know that the flu is going around…. Don’t take the chance of getting someone else sick by going to work, school, the grocery store. Just because you don’t feel horrible, doesn’t mean the virus you have is not contagious. And if you give it to someone else, the way their body fights off the virus will be different… Especially if they are immunocompromised. I say all of this because the 2 girls that worked the front desk this week have been coughing, hacking, sneezing, rubbing their noses…. ALL while handing items to and speaking directly to every patient that walked in the doors. When I started feeling bad today immediately got swabbed. Once they found out I had the flu, the also got swabbed…. And shocker…. They both have the flu also. I’m not frustrated that I have the flu, I’m frustrated that all of our patients were directly exposed. Some of them are frail and elderly and definitely don’t need to be sick with the flu. Others can’t afford the medicine to treat the flu. It’s sad, but true. Tamiflu is on average $75. And when one person in the household has the flu, everyone should treated prophylacticly with Tamiflu also. That’s a big strain on people, especially when they are already sick.

I don’t know where I was going with this….just go to the doctor, wash your hands, and take your Tamiflu!

This feeling

Tonight I’m feeling bored, and slightly sad. Stupid right? I’m finally out of school, have all the free time I want.. and I feel worthless. This feeling sucks and I just honestly don’t know how to fight it off.

This Pumpkin

This Pumpkin has been sitting by my fireplace since sometime before Halloween… It’s January 26th. No… I did not move it for Christmas. But now I want it gone, but I’m honestly scared to even touch it! There is no devine meaning here, just my genuine fear that it might explode or disintegrate into a pile of smelly mush when I do decide to move it!